Olga Hakulija

Olga Hakulija

Position: Cook


Started with OACCC 24 Years ago

I have been here at Olsen Ave for nearly 24 years as the cook and the food safety officer. In that time there has been a dramatic change in the cooking aspect of the Centre.

Frozen vegetables, was the go in all countries that provided lunches for the children. Not that anything is wrong with this, but the motto, fresh is best became not only popular but much healthier and tastier.

I use a huge variety of vegetables in all the meals I cook, you can see the food display on the front counter each day. I try to introduce new ideas and methods each week.

We have done away with desserts, so the children are actually eating more lunch and filling up on healthy food instead of sweets. I make my own yoghurt, which we have for morning tea.

So all in all, I feel that the attention to overseeing that only fresh vegetables, lean meat, free range eggs and a lot of love go into the food, that I prepare for your little cherubs, will only make them stronger and healthier which will make them more happier.


Olga Hakulija

Olga Hakulija


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