Olsen Avenue Community Children’s Centre is a non profit community based centre managed by parents and our management committee. We aim to make the children feel secure so as to develop a sense of self-esteem and confidence in their abilities to do things. We feel that all parents at this centre are the first and most important teachers in their child’s life. We invite all parents to comment and contribute to our programming and policies.

Every Child Matters


The Australia’s National Early Years Learning Framework has been adopted for interpreting the centre’s program, Belonging, Being and Becoming and linked with our Reggie approach.


Child Initiated program built on Reggie Amelia approach is achieved at Olsen Avenue Community Children’s Centre in the challenging environment see children are free to think for themselves, make choices and decisions and to work out problems through trial and error. The role of the staff is to assist in those decisions making sure all safety measures are taken.


Belonging is about feeling that you are a part of a group, a family – a feeling that you are connected and have a meaningful relationship with others. As one educator said, ‘The goal is to enrich children’s learning experiences through purposeful actions by educators in collaboration with children and families’.


A Sense of Being is about the present. It is about living, and how we experience the ‘now’. For children, it is about knowing that other children and the adults they come in contact with care about them. For educators, it means that they need to show respect for children and for each other in their relationship: We provide a warm, caring, happy, healthy, safe and stimulating environment as much like home as possible. This is also achieved with daily home cooked healthy meals. We also encourage each child in the development of their physical abilities by offering a large garden playground that is set up each day with challenging activities.

Our aim is for each child to reach his/her full potential learning by scaffolding their prior knowledge. The children are encouraged to develop creativity and self expression through art, cooking, language and music, and we place emphasis on the doing or experiencing, not the end result (a product) in open ended experience.


A sense of Becoming refers to change-experiencing being in a different place or space. It also reflects children’s growing understanding of different situations, and their growing ability to meet challenges associated with learning to participate as a member of a group, whether it be family, the community or a particular culture.


The staff at Olsen Avenue Community Children’s Centre are caring, friendly people who are professionals in the field of early education. They have a genuine interest in and love for the children they teach each day. The staff undertakes professional development training that gives then further knowledge to be supportive of children’s individual needs. Their experience enables them to understand that each family is individual and they respect these differences. Most of all, we endeavor to help each child to be a happy, healthy and confident individual who will be successful in meeting life’s challenges.

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